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Surgi-Care Center for Horses offers two internship positions yearly.  The goal of our program is to allow our interns to build a strong foundation in equine medicine and surgery in order to develop a confident equine practitioner.  Individuals wishing to pursue an equine surgical residency will be well prepared to do so.  Likewise, interns are able to leave our practice and immediately become a productive asset in a general ambulatory practice.

Interns are closely supervised our surgeons.  Duties include:

  • daily examination and care of hospitalized patients
  • assisting in surgical procedures
  • assisting in evaluation and treatment of outpatient and emergency admissions
  • alternating rotation through the emergency anesthesia schedule
  • provide after-hours ambulatory emergency service (minimum 2 nights per week)

Our philosophy is that interns are doctors and not glorified technicians!  As the year progresses and the interns' skill set increases, they will be allowed increasing responsibilities.  We also believe that interns are human beings and although our interns work very hard, they also have personal time off.  Each intern has one day off a week and one weekend off every other month.  They are also allowed three days for continuing education and five days vacation for personal affairs or interviews.  At Surgi-Care interns are part of our team and not just observers.  We do provide living quarters within walking distance for our interns.

Minimum qualifications include graduation from an AVMA-accredited College of Veterinary Medicine, passing the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination and a Florida veterinary license.

Qualified applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, three letters of reference and a letter of intent regarding the applicant's future career interest no later than October 20th.  An extern visit or interview prior to the January selection is preferred.  Complete the Join Our Team form  or contact Dr. Kuebelbeck at


Surgi-Care center for Horses' externship program is a valuable asset for veterinary students.  The goal of our externship program is to provide as much "hands-on" experience as possible for the veterinary student.  We encourage our externship applicants to spend at least two weeks with us if possible, but four weeks is preferable.  The longer that the veterinary student is with us and the more comfortable our surgeons become with the student's knowledge and skill, the more "hands-on" the experience becomes.  Shorter stays can be arranged as well.
We consider our externship program to be an excellent building block for our internship positions, as it allows our professional and para-professional staff to work with the potential internship candidates to determine if they will be a good fit for our team.  This is very important as our interns are the primary liaison between our veterinary technicians/assistants and the surgeons, which makes teamwork essential.
Living quarters are provided on the premises for the externs.  Interested veterinary students should complete the Join Our Team form or contact Dr. Kuebelbeck via email at to confer about available time slots.  All applicants must submit a curriculum vitae and a letter of intent prior to their final acceptance for a position.

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